Chocolate-Caramel-Nougatine Tarts

I spotted this recipe by Francois Payard a while back in a cookbook and what immediately drew my attention to it is the nougatine part. A nougatine is a confection similar to praline made from a light caramel mixed with crushed almonds or hazelnuts, it’s poured onto a baking sheet and when the mixture cools […]


Project Food Blog: “The Next Food Blog Star” & Tarte Fine aux Pommes to bribe the judges

I’m entering this post to Foodbuzz’s “Project Food Blog 2010: The Next Food Blog Star”. Voting for me will guarantee you many years of good apple karma. You know, that’s the exact opposite of rotten apple karma. That’s when you’re about to take a bite and a little worm comes out and look at you […]


Green Fig Tart with Fig-Balsamic Glaze

I wasn’t planning to post this recipe. Why? Well, because there’s no big mystery to it and you could probably figure it out just from looking at the pictures. Plus, i’m lazy. Okay, make that the main reason. Here’s the story, a layer of frangipane goes on top of crisp and buttery rounds of puff […]


Flan Parisien

It’s hard not to come across a bakery in Paris that doesn’t sell large slices of the popular Flan Parisien (also known as flan pâtissier) with its delicious thick custard browned on top and a buttery pâte brisée on the bottom. This flan couldn’t be any simpler, quicker or delicious and can only get better after spending […]


Warm Chocolate & Banana Tart

(Click on the picture for the food porn view) In case you haven’t noticed, i have a giant sweet tooth. The same sweet tooth that caused me to lose about $40K in a dessert business venture a few years back but that’s a long story i rather not get into just yet. You would think […]