Bonne Annee 2008!!

In case you’re wondering what your Zen-ness will be up to on New Year’s eve the picture below should give you some indications. Well, at least that’s what i’ll be doing up until 10 pm, after that i’ll be decompressing on Dom Perignon and leftover caviar, i have standards and expensive taste! I will be covering the subject afterward with pictures if i’m not too much in the weeds.

This holiday season has been particulary busy for Mr Zen. One of my new year resolution beside taking a long vacation is to improve every aspects of this blog from the design to the content, to make it easily navigable and visually appealing. I would like it to become a virtual cookbook to which i consistently add pages but i’m not limiting myself to that. Eventually i would like this blog to become an altar to food porn, extravagant, luxurious, decadent, serious but playful, but also a Kama-Sutra instruction center and a 24-hour shopping mall, i thought about a bowling alley too but i don’t think it will fit… oh well!
I would like to wish you all loyal followers an Happy New Year 2008 and a big Thank you for reading this blog! Best wishes to you my friends, lots of love, money in the bank, success in business, good health, yaddi yaddi yadda… and don’t forget to be more appreciative of life little pleasures like good food, good wines and good friends. On the world scale i wish for more peace, more love, more un-stupid people getting elected, food and shelter for all and lower prices on viagra which would definitely bring more peace to the world… now i’m starting to sound like a Presidential candidate!… [insert laughs here haha.]
Cheers!!… 2008 here we come!

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  • foodhuntress79

    Wow, you ARE ready for New Year’s Eve! Down my side, the menu is planned by the whole family, and the chef only does the fine- tuning :) What a grand celebration you must have there ! Muy impressive :)
    Do you have any New Year traditions there in your country?
    They must be interesting :)

    P.S. Your handwriting says you are level- headed :)

  • A Z R A

    zen, i like your tone and i’ll definitely vote you if you are running for President…. ;D

    nice handwriting too!hehehehehehe!

  • a n n n a


  • §pinzer

    thanks for the wishes man. I’m a big fan of yours and you know it. My aspirations to become a private chef becomes higher and higher as I read about you. You are truly an icon I can look up to, though maybe I don’t have the required skills just yet, but I’m sure you’re able to take me in as your protege, no? 😉

    Happy New Year, goodbye 2007, welcome 2008!

  • Anonymous

    Great blog – really enjoy it. Thanks

  • eva

    Très heureuse année nouvelle !

  • Colleen

    An “alter to food porn”? What, might I ask, would that look like?

    Somehow I see your picture with whisks and spatulas. The candles would be stuck in wine bottles and the poor starving peasants would pay alms by lighting the candles with a creme brulee torch and throwing cinnamon sticks on the ground.

    Bonne Annee mon ami.

  • Zen Chef

    Chris thank you for your kind words! Happy New Year to you!
    You want to become a chef? sure…come to NY, i love free labor! hahahaha
    Rule #1: no more catfish!

  • Chicken & Waffles

    And a bonne annee to you, Monsieur! May the new year ahead be filled with culinary triumphs, restful moments, a modicum of debauchery and bountiful adventure… for life is nothing without the continuous pursuit of adventure.

    Sending you very best wishes, Zen-Man. I will be in Tribeca kicking up my heels on New Years Eve and I will raise a glass to your prosperity, health and knife skills. Keep ’em sharp, dude.


  • AzAzura

    ooohh scallop and truffles ,sounds lovely ! Have a very Happy New Year Zen Chef :o)

    Best wishes from a girl who is not feeling so well in Kuala Lumpur.. sob’.

  • Colleen

    Ok Zen, panna cotta boobies and an invitation to the “dork squad”.

  • foodhuntress79

    Zchef, my former boss was a Chinese who owns a French cafe and from whom I learned a little about feng shui, chinese zodiacs, handwritings- he used these methods to run his business,and I guess he was pretty successful. That’s how things are here in Asia, culture and logic go together… so, if it works, why not :) Welcome to the Year of the Rat!!

  • Loulou

    A toast to you Zen Chef, and wishing you all the best in the New Year!

  • redactedrecipes

    Happy New year. Enjoy the bubbly when you get off work!


  • Big Boys Oven

    Have a great year zen chef!

  • Claude-Olivier

    ce ne fut pas un don perignon 1998 pour moi hier soir mais un Don Ruinart Cuvée Prestige 1996…que dire, le paradis dans une bouteille ? très bonne et heureuse année 2008 !!!!

  • Zen Chef

    C&W Thanks you and same to you! Hope you had fun!

  • Zen Chef

    Ann Happy New Year to you too!
    The bubbly abused me!…my head hurts now :-)

  • Zen Chef

    Claude… Waou un Don ruinard 96. Ca me parait prestigieux tout ca!
    Bonne et heureuse annee a toi aussi! :-)

  • confituremaison

    Tres Bonne Annee a vous 2, Zen Chef and blog :)

  • Zen Chef

    Merci et a toi aussi Confiture Maison! Meilleurs voeux pour 2008!

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