25th Survivor

Rejoice people! Your Zen-ness has survived a Christmas dinner party in Southampton. As i have been up for 20 hours i won’t elaborate too much and just share with you a few random observations and rants, sorry if i don’t make any sense:
  1. My head and my legs hurt.
  2. I was the only human being up at 5:30am on Christmas morning.
  3. Driving the Long Island expressway at 90 miles per hour is fun.
  4. The ‘Buche de Noel” and ‘Red Velvet Cake’ survived the bumps.
  5. There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ caffeine!
  6. Private Chefs deserve their fat salaries. Every penny of it!
  7. Chateau Mouton-Rothshild 1981 is pretty damn good.
  8. Rich people fascinate me… sometimes.
  9. Castrated chickens (capons) are really tender and good, go figure!
  10. I love the ocean and the breezy marine air.
  11. Driving back to the city was hell!
  12. I need a vacation please!!
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  • redactedrecipes

    Awww… and to think I was eating my Christmas dinner at Danude while you were slaving away… :-)


  • A Z R A

    Congratulations for surviving!!!, and i need a vacation toooooooo!!!!…… ;D

  • b

    Happy to hear that you survived Christmas. Very interesting random observations! I have no doubt that you earn every penny as a personal chef!! And no doubt you have some incredible stories!!! Sadly, it must be challenging to enjoy a holiday meal without having to prepare it! :(

  • waliz

    fuhhhh..i’m glad u survived…and i want the leftover..castrated chickens! sound gooood…really!

  • Colleen

    Congrats! Now you have to survive new years!

  • Rasa Malaysia

    I am jealous of the 1981 bottle. :-O

  • Chicken & Waffles

    Are you awake yet, Zen Man? If you gotta go down after celebrating, at least you went down straight upscale. Sounds adequately privliged and debauched..my kind of party.

  • Anali

    I hope you’re going on vacation soon! And for #2 – I think that Santa might have still been awake too. He would have been flying back home about then right? ; )

  • Colleen

    Need any help!? I just signed up for cooking classes in the evening. Whoo hoo! ­čśë

  • beachlover

    chef Zen..you’re damn lucky didn’t get any ticket from Suffolk Highway Police speeding at 90mph!!!..take helicopter to LI why drive yourself??..it’s frezzing cold in Hampton!!..who hire you in south hampton?..J.Lo or Donald Trump??..vacation??..hmmm..sound great!!

  • Big Boys Oven

    Oh! you survived!…..we too need a break! lol! Ya lor who hired you on that day?

  • Sweetiepie

    I think you should put your vacation in your resolution list..LOL Take a break Ya!

  • Zen Chef

    Beachlover…i was going so fast the police didn’t see me. haha :-)
    and helicopters have too much vibrations for my ‘buche de noel’

  • Zen Chef

    Big boys oven…yes surprisingly i survived! haha… what i wouldn’t do for money…sigh :-)

  • Zen Chef

    Sweetiepie…i think i’m going to follow your advice! :-)