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The Lamb Burger Experiment

That’s what happen when you spend a little too much time on twitter. I recently read a tweet by @FrankBruni touting the merits of the lamb burger at The Breslin. For you non-New-Yorkers, that’s the New York Times ex-restaurant critic tweeting about a favourite of his at a new popular hang-out. With an instant craving […]


Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe

No, no… i didn’t apply shoe polish to my lamb shanks. Thanks for asking! A shoe is probably the last thing on earth these lamb shanks should be compared to. Today we’re dealing with pure tenderness, my friends. Sure, they require proper technique and a bit longer braising time than your average lamb shank, but it’s […]


Moroccan Lemon-Coriander Lamb Tagine

Before i left for my trip to the islands i made a nice lamb tagine for big bossman and i wanted to share the recipe with you. When comes the spring i crave for these big bright Mediterranean flavors, and i’m pretty sure you do too. The word tagine (or tajine) refers both to the […]