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Stone Crab Salad w/ Celery Rémoulade, Green Apple Gelée & Finger Lime

Hello friends and happy new year! To jump start the year here’s a recipe using the best-of-the-season. Yup. Every element in this fresh, clean-tasting, cool weather salad are at their best right now. From the bottom-up you’ve got fresh stone crab tossed with olive oil and lemon juice, celery rémoulade enlivened with capers, cornichons and […]


Grilled Sous-Vide Octopus w/ Corona Beans, Chorizo & Sherry-Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette

Since a lot of people seem to be adopting sous-vide cooking at home with Sous Vide Supreme I’m going to post some easy recipes for the kitchen Indiana Jones out there. Sous-vide cooking is a method that was developed in France in the 1970’s but that has gone mainstream only  in recent years. I think […]


Fuyu Persimmon Carpaccio with San Daniele Ham, Manchego, Pecans & Aged Balsamic

I was walking in Chinatown the other day and came across a street vendor with a giant stall of Fuyu persimmons. I haven’t cooked much with persimmons before which is a shame because i just recently discovered what a versatile, delicious and beautiful ingredient it can be. After buying a bagful for a bargain i […]


Israeli Couscous Salad with Roasted Mushrooms, Herbs & Pickled Golden Raisins

I love to jump head-first into the culinary wonderland with no particular plan of action (I recommend you wear a helmet though. One is never too cautious). Dishes you create in the spur of the moment are often the best and this salad is the perfect example. It started out as a vague attempt at […]


Olive Oil-Poached Salmon Belly Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

There are rumors out there that chefs keep the best cuts of meat or fish for themselves. While i should really try to extinguish such rumors i’m gonna go ahead and admit my guilt and point my finger at my fellow professionals as well. Chefs are bastards after all, for the most part. I’m guilty […]