Iron Zenchef: Prawn Ravioli

The Food Network recently aired a rerun of the Iron chef battle between Mario Batali and Andrew Carmellini. It was past my bedtime but i watched it anyway just because it featured that same Andrew that hired me many years ago when I applied for a job at Cafe Boulud. Andrew Carmellini was then the […]


Ragu alla Bolognese – the Good Old Fashion Way

Bolognese is taken very seriously in Italy and rightly so – it is very delicious when done properly but it’s a shame it has been bastardized so much. If the people of Bologna could see what’s served under the name of Bolognese in a lot of places they would either die or send mama death […]


Gemelli (or Spaghetti) Alla Bottarga

If food were currency, Bottarga would be as good as gold. Bottarga di muggine or boutargue in French, is the roe sac of grey mullet that has been salted, dried, pressed and dipped in beewax for preservation. It ends up looking like a flat-sided wax sausage. I’m sure your innate kitchen wisdom has taught you […]