Eggplant Parmegiana

When life gives you eggplants, make eggplant parmegiana! And recently life has been very generous to me on the eggplant side so i feel like i should share this recipe with you to keep my good eggplant karma. Eggplant parmegiana is not something i make very often but maybe i should change that. I realized […]


Fennel-Pastrami Gratin

Have you heard of Beet ‘n Squash YOU! ? – It’s a monthly food-fight wherein the stupendous virtues of vegetables are extolled. It’s fun and it’s hosted by Mel of Bouchon for 2 and Leela of She simmers. And guess what my friends… December is battle FENNEL! Are you excited yet? I couldn’t resist participating because […]


My Favorite Cranberry Sauce

Who needs a cranberry sauce recipe? I’m know my beloved readers, you are excellent cooks and not the kind to open a can of cranberry sauce to put on the Thanksgiving table [.. right?]. I know you can whip-up a batch of fresh cranberry sauce with your eyes closed and make it taste delicious. I […]


Yukon Gold Potato Blinis

This recipe is idiot-proof. I know, i tested it myself.. on myself. Yukon Gold Potato Blinis make the best little canapés and can be served on their own or with caviar and crème fraîche or other accompaniments like smoked or cured salmon. Make them in rounds, square or octagon or cook them in funky shapes for […]


Tomates Farcies

Well, i don’t feel inspired to write today. Could a post consist simply of  : Hey, here are some stuffed tomatoes for ya! … No? I could go on and on about how tomates farcies is a classic home-cooked dish in France and how I find the preparation very satisfying and reminiscent of the slow cooking […]