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Veal Ravioli w/ Culatello, Radicchio, Chanterelles & Sage

I was in a ravioli-making mood today, so I got my pasta machine out of the closet and made a filling using a combination of veal and fatty trimmings from a piece of Culatello I got at Eataly recently. If you’ve never tried Culatello, you haven’t lived. It’s awesome. Think of it as the Kobe of […]


Bread Inspiration from a Master Baker

I must admit i’m not a great baker. There’s a love/hate relationship between me and yeast that’s so bad at times i can almost hear the micro-organisms yell in unison: “We ain’t working for you, sucker!” It’s a little bit like trying to run things with a worker’s union on your ass. The problem is, […]


Braised Oxtail & Foie-Gras Terrine

I’m blogging backward so if you read my last post you already know what i did with the leftovers from this project. If you didn’t, go there… and quick! Sure, this oxtail and foie-gras terrine has the coarse appearance of a geological sample but i can guarantee you there’s no spinosaurus fossil stuck in there. The […]


Rooftop Knackwursts

Take a few obsessed food bloggers plotting to make choucroute from scratch, add a beautiful day, a welcoming rooftop in Brooklyn, a cheap charcoal grill and a few beers and you’ve got the perfect.. err.. fire hazard!?.. but what a way to spend an afternoon! This little outing reminded me of my chicken wings grilling days on […]