Scotch Smoked Salmon with Pea Pancakes, Creme Fraiche & Meyer Lemon


I have to hurry and post this recipe before fresh peas totally disappear from the markets. Zenchef wants to stay seasonal although he’s been a bit bloglazy lately (yes it’s a new word). I hope health conscious people will appreciate the efforts i made here to incorporate a green vegetable into breakfast. This sneaky cover-up operation transformed a good old pancake into something seemingly… healthy! [cough-cough] All that healthiness was later canceled when i added a big scoop of creme fraiche to the final result. Hey, at least it wasn’t bacon!

I wasn’t even trying to make something healthy and for that matter – i wasn’t even trying to make something green. It’s just happens that peas are green.. and healthy. Weird.  Not only these pancakes score a bright green color but they actually taste like sweet peas, which is what i was going for. Pea flavored breakfast food. No.. let me rephrase that. I wasn’t trying to make breakfast either. Those little suckers were served at a cocktail party and were really popular as such. I think i was just trying to make something orange and green with a touch of yellow because i suck at photography and can’t take picture of monochromatic dishes. Maybe i should’ve become a painter and not a chef. The smoked salmon works beautifully on these pea pancakes and with a dollop of creme fraiche and meyer lemon for the extra zinger you’re in for a treat. You could also add some salmon roe to this if you’re feeling crazy. 


So here you have it, i mean… you’re on your own! Use these pancakes for breakfast, cocktail or dinner or whatever you like. They work well as frisbees too but without the topping. Fun!

  • Scotch Smoked Salmon with Pea Pancakes, Creme Fraiche and Meyer Lemon

  • Inspired by a recipe by Bill Telepan
    • Serves 4
    • For the pea pancakes:
    • 4 ounces sugar snap peas
    • 1 cup shelled fresh green peas, or frozen
    • 3 tablespoons half & half
    • 1 egg
    • 4 tablespoons flour
    • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
    • salt to taste
    • 4 tablespoons butter
    • To finish:
    • 1/2 cup creme fraiche
    • 6 ounces Scotch smoked salmon
    • 1 Meyer lemon, segmented
    • chives
    • salmon roe (optional)
      • For the pea pancakes:
    • Blanch the sugar snaps in a pot of salted boiling water, transfer to an ice bath and drain.
    • Repeat the same step for the shelled peas and mash them with a fork.
    • In a blender, combine the snap peas, and half & half and process until smooth.
    • Add the egg, the flour, the baking powder, sugar and a pinch of salt and process for 15 seconds more.
    • Transfer mixture to a medium bowl and fold in the mashed peas.
    • Melt some butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat and drop tablespoons of batter into the pan. Flip the pancakes when lightly brown and finish cooking. Transfer to paper towels and keep warm.
    • To finish:
    • When ready to serve, place a slice of smoked salmon on a pancake topped with creme fraiche, salmon roe (if using) Meyer lemon and chives.
    • pea-pancake-9

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  • doggybloggy

    the tears in my eyes make it difficult to make a proper comment.

  • Marc

    Nice dish!
    We are making almost the same thing at work but with a spinach pancake and parsley whipped cream.

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  • Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

    How lovely and elegant! I love the vibrant colors! (Actually, salmon and green were my wedding colors.) I could totally see serving these anytime!

  • Eralda

    Looks delicious! I love fresh peas and they pair so well with salmon. Great dish!

  • Cynthia

    That’s a great idea with the pea pancakes. Will definitely give it a try.

  • Manggy

    Yikes, who even wants monochromatic dishes all the time? Getting a bit of odd (if you can call orange and green that) color in there is a perfect way to guarantee complex flavors, and maybe even nutrition. But, no bacon?! Ahrr :) Kidding!

  • maybelles mom

    Hey creme fraiche must have some calcium. And, I think bloglazy is a great word–i sure embody it.

  • Colloquial Cook

    If you want to play pea pancake frisbee with me you’ll have to triple the quantities darling because I can’t promise how many I’m going to throw back.

  • pam

    Almost too pretty to eat. Note..I said..almost.

  • _ts-eatingclubvancouver

    They are indeed very colorful and pretty!

  • Mel @

    .intense love.

  • Elin

    love smoked salmon…nice combination..slurps :)

  • Peter

    Our peas are still going strong, though the favas are on their way out. When my son gets over his cold, I’ll make these pancakes for him.

  • Helen Yuet Ling Pang

    How cute these are! I’m
    thinking brunch one weekend while entertaining friends. They would be so impressed. Fantastic photos as always…

  • Veronica Baugh

    These just look yummalicious, my mouth is watering just looking at the Meyer Lemon, I can taste it!

  • Dana Zia

    Oh my goodness these are BEAUTIFUL! Well done on the pictures and color combos. I would love to lick the screen and taste them! When do you think that will be an option? Talk about food porn! Anyways, I digress, thanks for the lovely post.

  • clumbsycookie

    Lovely “shreckish” pancakes! Yes, that’s a word!

  • Bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets)

    OH MY MY MY! Zen man does it again. This looks extravagantly sublime! What a comination! I’m salivating! I think i might have my breakfast for dinner!

  • James

    Wow – that’s very green. And very nice too.

  • Darina

    Your pictures are all so stunning. The colors are very vivid. May I ask what type of camera you use?

  • Andrew

    all-right, love at first (web)site, I’m addicted to this webblog allready. I’m from Holland, can some-one explain what kind of stuff three spoons of half & half is, is it some kind of ingredient?

  • zenchef

    Andrew, half and half is 1/2 heavy cream and 1/2 milk. Same as light cream in Europe.

  • Andrew

    hi, thanks for the half & half, learned something again….! I made the pancakes with the salmon, and added puree of horseradish carrot to the creme-fraiche topping. Hope I wrote it in good English….

  • Andrew

    well, yesterday 17-08 was my birthday and I made them as starter for dinner, my friends eyes rolled out of their sculls, amazed as they were, thank you, Zen(master)

  • deana@lostpastremembered

    These photos are astonishing… and the taste combination inspired. Thanks for the great post!

  • mwahhhh

    wooow looks amazing. im producing this for my coursework at school. thak you

  • Diane

    Looks yummy. We don’t have half and half in europe, what do I need to replace it with?

  • zenchef

    Thanks! half and half is half milk and half heavy cream.