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Bacon & Clams Pizza

When you combine salty goodness from the land and sea on a pizza you know something good is bound to happen. Bacon and clams could be my favorite pizza topping of all time. This pizza takes its inspiration from the Alsatian tarte flambée also known as flammekueche, which is a pizza covered with crème fraîche, onions and lardons […]


Pork Belly confit with tangerine-sesame emulsion, grits & chinese chives

There’s a Chinese supermarket conveniently located next to my gym where I’m known to buy pork belly right after spending an hour on the treadmill. Even the butcher gives me an amused look when I ordered a pound of center cut while still in my sweaty work-out clothes. Sometimes the best intentions in the world […]


Flaky Empanadas

There’s a bottle of rendered lard in my refrigerator and every time i open the door I’m reminded that I have a world of delicious flaky pastries right there at my fingertips. Empanadas are the first thing that came to mind but I knew I didn’t want the doughy, insipid kind that leaves you feeling […]


Yuzu-Cured Pork Belly

I found some fresh Yuzu at Mitsuwa last week and the first thing that came to mind was of course to make Pierre Hermé Yuzu macarons with candied grapefruit. So why in the world is this post about pork belly!? you asked. At $4 a pop for these Japanese citrus i didn’t want to waste any […]


Canadian Chimichurri Pork Cheek with Kabocha Parsnip Purée

I asked the lovely Mel of Gourmet Fury if she would like to guest post for me while i’m away working in Aspen, Colorado for a week. Not only she agreed, despite her hectic schedule, but she did it so well that i’m considering leaving her the keys to my blog indefinitely. Ok not reaaally, […]