Pastilla, Bastilla, Bisteeya, B’stilla, Bstilla… or whatever the heck you want to call it.

Err.. I couldn’t make up my mind on which spelling to use for this memorable Moroccan dish that combines the flavors and textures of savory meat, soft eggs, crunchy pastry and sweet spices. Though the traditional dish is usually made with squab or pigeon meat, in the US you’re likely to see chicken substituted instead […]


Baby Chicken with Soy-Whiskey Glaze & Sticky Rice Stuffing

I was completely and utterly torn between two recipes, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s chicken with a soy-whiskey glaze and Mochachocolata aka Rita incredibly delicious-looking chicken with a sticky rice stuffing. Plus, i was hungry. Very hungry. So i thought, heck… let’s combine both recipes, shake really hard and see what comes out of it. Being ordered around […]


Roast Chicken w/ Ginger and Soy-Whiskey Glaze

That’s what i call a good-looking chicken! As you can tell, today is chicken day on Chef’s gone wild. Of course, you know it’s not your average chicken day when your chicken taste a bit like Peking duck… So is it chicken or duck, you asked? Well, let’s say it’s a chicken wannabe duck but […]